Canada has what it takes to become a world leader in life sciences.

But because Canada only accounts for 3% of the global market, we will only be able to afford our own innovations domestically if we can sell them to the world.

This is Canada’s time. Let’s not limit our aspiration. Let’s mobilize our tremendous domestic capacity, extraordinary knowledge infrastructure and talent for innovation for the health of our economy and the health of Canadians.

Meet adMare. Meet the future.

How adMare is scaling Canada’s
life science industry.
There’s a science to it.

Test your knowledge of the industry making Canada a world leader.

Canada is becoming a global leader in the life sciences sector, especially when it comes to medical technology advancements, rare diseases and drug discovery. How much do you know about Canadian life sciences? Take our short quiz and see how you stack up.

It is imperative that we develop Canadian bioinnovations not only for Canadians, but also for export. Canadian bioinnovations account for what percentage of the global market?

  • 3% of the global market
  • 10% of the global market
  • 15% of the global market
  • All of it

Does Canada need a secure domestic supply of life sciences knowledge?

  • Yes
  • No
  • The sooner the better
  • What’s a domestic supply?

adMare was created to:

  • Translate leading academic research into new companies of scale
  • Deploy a combination of scientific and business expertise, capital and physical infrastructure to help existing Canadian life sciences companies scale-up
  • Train the next generation of highly-qualified personnel to drive the growth of those companies into Canadian anchors
  • All of the above

We chose to call ourselves adMare because:

  • It sounds like the word admire
  • It expresses our mission to scale companies from sea to sea
  • We love Canada’s national motto
  • No idea

The following companies are among those adMare has helped scale-up:

  • Find Therapeutics, Zucara, Invisalign
  • Zymeworks, Kairos Therapeutics, Pharma for All
  • Zymeworks, Precision Nanosystems, Zucara
  • Inversago Pharma, Neurasic Therapeutics, Pharmanet Therapies